Blockchain Session with St. Xavier's College, Maitighar

On 15th of Feb, 2024, eSatya organized an enlightening "Blockchain 101'' Session to the B.Sc. CSIT and BIM 6th semester students of St Xavier’s College. The event was skillfully coordinated by Mr. Ganesh Yogi Sir, who is the  Head of Computer Department at St. Xavier's College.

The session was successfully organized with the participation of 68 enthusiastic attendees. eSatya's dedicated team, led by Mr. Swornim Balami and Mr. Anish Maharjan, also featuring  Mr. Subhashish Jung Shah, speaker for the event, who is a Full Stack Developer at Rumsan.

The computer department of St Xavier’s College  hosted the session with a warm welcome, introducing our team from eSatya and the Speaker. The floor was then open to Mr. Subhashish Jung Shah to share his insights on the topic.

Mr. Shah began the session by delving into the Evolution of Web 3.0, highlighting the transformative changes in internet technology. Following this, an insightful Introduction to Blockchain was provided, clarifying the fundamental concepts behind this revolutionary technology. The discussion then shifted to Blockchain Data Structure, offering a comprehensive understanding of how data is organized and secured in the blockchain.

The session continued by addressing common misconceptions with Myths and Facts of Blockchain. The participants also enthusiastically engaged in the Q/A session, seeking clarification after being informed about current hiring trends and skill requirements in the Blockchain Space. The session concluded by providing practical guidance on starting a blockchain journey, offering attendees the necessary knowledge and resources. Overall, the session delivered a concise yet comprehensive overview of the Evolution of Web 3.0 and Blockchain, catering to both beginners and enthusiasts in the audience.

As the session drew to a close, the host delivered their concluding remarks, expressing gratitude to the speaker. They then invited their teacher to present a token of appreciation to the speaker, marking the end of the event.

For your reference, please find the attached presentation slides from the session below:


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