Blockchain Session with Smart Cheli

On January 26, 2024, eSatya organized an enlightening "Blockchain 101" session for Smart Cheli participants, featuring Ms. Amina Manandhar as the host and Mr. Raghav Kattel, a software engineer/tech lead at Rumsan, as the keynote speaker.

Ms. Amina Manandhar commenced the session with a warm welcome, introducing eSatya and the team. Mr. Kattel then started the session by simplifying the fundamental principles of blockchain technology, emphasizing the transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0. He explored Blockchain's introduction, its practical applications in Nepal such as land registration, supply chain transparency, and identity management. Additionally, Mr. Kattel dispelled common myths surrounding blockchain and stressed the significance of data decentralization, illustrating with impactful examples of blockchain's influence in Nepal.

Throughout Mr. Kattel's engaging presentation, participants actively contributed, posing questions and engaging in lively discussions, showcasing their keen interest in the blockchain revolution. The event's success was evident, serving as a notable platform to underscore blockchain's transformative potential across diverse sectors.

In conclusion, Ms. Amina expressed heartfelt gratitude to eSatya and all participants, making the session a valuable and enriching experience. The collective effort and engagement of everyone involved facilitated a shared exploration and learning experience.

For reference, the session's presentation slides are attached below.


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